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Teaching Philosophy

Music has the power to activate a higher understanding, knowledge, and deeper emotional connection to how we conceive and interact in the world around us. As I have gained valuable tools for success in life through my own musical discovery, I aim to impart these values onto my students toward their own empowerment, self discovery, and creative expression.

Every student is unique and approaches classical music and the instrument from different vantage points - these variations in interpretation are what makes the learning process exciting, rejuvenating, and progressive. As a teacher, I approach each student by addressing, encouraging, and challenging their idiosyncrasies.

The intensive qualities of mastering music are transferable to all aspects of life - discipline, self reflection and analysis, teamwork, focus, problem solving, determination, coordination, critical thinking and  emotional communication to name a few. Whether a student is pursuing music professionally or has a simple interest in the art, I believe that  instilling these life skills through music will positively affect their aspirations and future goals and lead them in a direction of success and empowerment.

It is important for a student to find their own voice and individuality and I strive to create a nurturing environment in my studio to allow my students to feel comfortable discovering how their musical creativity connects them to their world and life around them. I respect the level of vulnerability that music reaches and any breach in that trust or protection is not tolerated.

Above all, music is a reflection of our own expression and personal relationship with ourselves, the composers and their life views, and to our own world views. It is a rewarding activity and I teach my students the excitement, energy, and passion underneath the technique. I encourage regular performance opportunities to inspire confidence and the participation in local youth orchestras and Artaria's Chamber Music School as collaborating with like-minded peers helps fuse these factors together.

Patricia is available for:


  • Individual private cello lessons for all ages and experience levels

  • Private chamber music coachings

  • Audition and competition preparation

  • String sectional direction

  • Orchestra leadership and coaching

  • Music Theory and Aural Skill training

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